Context Winner!

Anthony Dufresne Millennial Issues

This clip is perfect in showing how important “context” is in life.

What I mean by context is along the lines of how it is defined by Merriam-Webster…

…”the group of conditions that exist where and when something happens”.

Although Pooter-the-Clown is a god in certain circles of his life…in others, he’s a hammered, creepy clown weirdo who rides around in a Beetle that looks like a mouse.

His problem (as well as ours) is that we take our status from one part of our life and try to live out that role in another part of our life…not taking into consideration the people around you who have NO idea about your life/status outside of their own experience with you.

…like being a semi-famous actor that gets stopped at 3am for swervy driving and, when the cop comes up to the window, he pulls the “Do you know who I am?”.

Now, in the world of B-list actors, this guy got some pull…probably even doing pretty well with the young, impressionable extras on the set…and certainly with his group of friends that are not on TV once every three months with a re-occurring role as “Annoying Neighbor” on New Girl.

Sadly, it seems we all have a tendency to make this mistake…taking our “role” or “status” from one part of our life and expecting other people (who have no clue about that part) to see you and treat you as if they know you in that way.

Usually this goes one of two ways…

You come from a high status or high value point and go into a situation where no one knows you and/or your particular value level isn’t considered high in that circle…like being the best and most popular basketball player at Podunk University and going to one of New York’s best restaurants with an expectation that they will seat you on a busy night without a reservation.

In this case, it’s the expectation that people will “get” who you are that creates a lot of “pissed” inside of you…if you don’t get the whole “context” thing.

The second way it could go is pretty much the opposite…

…You come from a low status/value point (lousy job, low self-esteem, etc.) and go into a brand new environment where no one has any idea who you are….and, like an idiot, you bring your “low value” self to the party.

…In this instance, you gotta do the “Vegas” trick…When your in Vegas you can be ANYONE and ANYTHING…not that I’ve ever done that myself 🙂

The bottom line is:  UNDERSTANDING CONTEXT is very important in keeping yourself and your expectations grounded.  It also allows you to “relate” to people in the new environment a lot better because you don’t come into it with any expectations…

…You enter new circles, new experiences, as a grounded and aware person with confidence in who you are and with the ability to be “that” person that asks questions and is interested in the new experience (and new people) that life has presented to you.