History Repeats : The Virus | The Economy |The Return of the Roaring 20’s

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This week’s podcast episode shows how history really does repeat itself. The show compares the impact of the current Coronavirus with the impact the Spanish Flu had on the world 100 years ago. Even though it was 100 years ago, the impact of both viruses are eerily similar to each other. And because they were so similar, it give us a good road map for… …the best courses of action to take during the virus …what will happen to our lives and the economy as the virus goes away …and, what will happen after. In addition, I talk about the …

A Runaway Trolley, The Good Place and Standing Up for Morality

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To illustrate the ridiculous lack of thought that is coming from our current leadership, I introduce an oldie but goody morality test called The Trolley Problem and how this story should lead anyone to an obvious conclusion when it comes to how to handle the Coronavirus crisis as well as other difficult decisions you may have to make in your life.

Best of…New Study: Find A Purpose NOW!

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This week I wanted to share a very popular “best of” episode… A new study by a group of British researchers confirm that having “A” purpose (not “THE” Purpose) is the only way to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. The paper was part of an ongoing British study of older adults known as the English Longitudinal Study of Aging. The Results of the Study Socially, higher worthwhile ratings were associated with stronger personal relationships and with broader social engagement such as involvement in civic organizations, cultural activity and volunteering. (marriage was important but so was regular contact with …

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A Water Tree, A Boat Saw and Achieving Enlightenment

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This week’s podcast episode is all about achieving personal enlightenment simply by drinking beer, riding on a boat and solving a problem. I share a story about a bunch of drunk guys trying to remove a submerged tree branch… …and how that perfectly explains the Theory of Flow and the proven, scientific way to achieve more enlightenment in your life. In the show I talk about: The groundbreaking work of both Duke University’s Adrian Bejan and Stanford University’s Carol Dweck on the importance of flow and the ultimate power of a growth mindset What really is enlightenment? How you can …