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You Are Definitely A 10 on the Attraction Scale … Here’s How I Know

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I can say, without any doubt…You’re Definitely a 10 on the Attraction Scale It all comes down to having a little perspective and seeing the big picture. I have to ask… What was your gut reaction to the title of this podcast? Everyone has an attraction scale number or range…what is yours and why is it where it is? People’s tendency to rate themselves is usually based on a general scale…mostly focusing on the people more attractive than themselves. That’s not good because it automatically makes you feel “less than”. and it varies based on how you feel about yourself …

Do You Trust Your Gut?

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I would like to ask you a very simple, but complicated question: “Do you trust your gut?” When I’ve asked clients or friends, I’ve gotten a lot of different answers, so I thought I would do a show about how to get better at trusting your gut… …because honestly… …you should. But you first need to know if what you are feeling is a legit, true self gut feeling or if it’s just your ego trying to get you to make a decision that will not help you in the long run. In the show I first share with you …

The 95% Rule That Magically Erases Stress

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This week I share with you my own personal formula for eliminating a lot of stress in my life … I call it the 95% rule. This rule is all about looking at your life and situations from a different angle…a better angle, like taking a better selfie pic by moving the camera up and to the side instead of right in front of your face. The 95% Rule is all about getting rid of the small, insignificant worries in your life so you can put your energy towards the 5% of stuff that really matters. That way, you can …

Never Satisfied? This is Why and It’s Not Your Fault

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Are you the type of person who never seems satisfied…who is always moving the carrot on yourself? …who succeeds at something and immediately sees even more problems and obstacles? It’s All Instinctual and Subconscious Well, actually we are all instinctually programmed to feel this way…you can thank our caveman forefathers. On this episode I talk about the new, groundbreaking study that was just published by Harvard that talks about this thing we are wrestle with…they call it Prevalence-Induced Concept Change When you improve your life, you will then judge your life based on your new and improved situation. And since …

Video: Amazing Books That Can Change Your Life

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This week, I decided to share with you The most amazing books I have ever read AND the one big mistake most people make when they buy a self-help book There are literally thousands of personal development and self-help books that are published every year, but it seems there are just a few that rise to the top and have stood the test of time. The books I discuss are the ones that have impacted me, my life, my journey the most. The Power of Now by Eckhardt Tolle – The most life-changing book I’ve ever read. He is a …

Video: An Easy Cure for FOMO … Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast

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This week, Lexi and I would like to share with you an easy cure for FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out. Fear of missing out isn’t new. “FOMO” is simply this generation’s version of the expression “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” The feeling of missing out is rooted in the Ego, from being unhappy or disappointed in where your life is at right now. It’s wrongly focusing on what you’re not doing/having versus what you have, basically undermining your confidence that you’re making the right choice by doing what you are doing. …

Walk of Shame Podcast

Shaping Up Your Body Image

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This show is about shaping up your body image , or learning to be cool with how your body looks right now. This is a HUGE issue with a lot of people, and an issue that both Tony and his guest host, Mariah have dealt with their entire lives. There’s no getting around the fact that most of us are pretty critical when it comes to how we look…and our opinion can even change from moment to moment based on our mood at any point in time. So, this week, Tony and Mariah share some personal stories and tips on …

Your Life Purpose….Here you Go!

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Your Life Purpose is a big deal and I am here to let you know there is a very simple way to figure out your general life purpose…actually, I explain that very thing right here…right now…Once you start to look at your life purpose this way, I guarantee the rest will fall into place…

Untie the Knots of Your Life

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So, you’ve been learning more about yourself…great!…but with your learning comes the knowing that some things in your current life are not that good for you…Here’s how to untie those knots the right way so you don’t explode your whole life in the process.