Lessons Learned Along My Journey

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This week’s podcast is my story. I thought you might want to here where it all started for me. It’s a wonder how I ever was able to get to where I am now given all of the twists and turns I took over the last 40+ years. My hope is that my journey will illustrate to you that for most of my life, I had NO idea who I was or where I was going. Some of the stuff I talk about includes: How my early perfectionism jacked me up big time How I actually graduated while changing majors …

Worlds Collide…Javabud and the Walk of Shame Radio Podcast

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So, I’m going through a total re-do of the video format, hence no videos over the past month of two. BUT, in the meantime, here is a little behind the scenes breakfast pow-wow of the Walk of Shame Braintrust…basically, a brainstorming session with a lot of jibberish…enjoy and look for the new “Javabud Minute” videos coming in 2016!!