Can I Text or Should I Call ?

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Can I Text OR Should I Call ? Nowadays, that is a GREAT question…

Communicating appropriately in a world filled with a million tools to avoid face to face communication can be tough.

And although Lexi is labeled by her peers as a “Technophobe” she is fully aware of all the avenues we use as Millennials to hide from the natural, but awkward misfortune that comes along with dating.

I get it, nobody enjoys that stomach tightening feeling of a face to face conversation that just isn’t flowing.

But how will you ever know you and the new Mr. (or Ms.) Wonderful can’t speak with out interrupting each other if you are only interacting through emojis!

Back away from your iphone and use your words!

In this episode of The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast Tony questions Lexi’s opinion on when it is appropriate to text a potential significant other and when you should pick up the phone and call.

Lexi is straight up serious…”ALWAYS call to ask your new girl on a date, and NEVER make a solid commitment through a text message.”

Creating these communication boundaries from the beginning will change the route the relationship takes whether she becomes your future wife or life long friend.

The bottom line that Dr. Tony Dufresne and I are trying to get across in this show is..

ESTABLISH YOUR RELATIONSHIP before you start to take communication shortcuts using technology as a form of armor.

Knowing this other (potentially “significant” other) humans personality is key to a successful relationship.

Don’t get me wrong…

I am all for a climactic sext conversation while in a weekly meeting with your boss, but getting to that point takes some work and Tony and I are here to help answer all of your early communication questions so that someday technology will stop complicating things and be used, instead, to enhance your bond.

Dating is NOT easy…Obviously!…

…we are just trying to save you some time so when communication fails you will swipe left, and move on.

A few tips before you start The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast, leave the emojis for your group girl chats and avoid a second date with any chick that likes to dress her pussy. ENJOY!