Can A Relationship Feel Too Good?

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

It’s an interesting question… “Can A Relationship Feel Too Good?”

Why do we as humans live life anticipating heartbreak?

In this episode of The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast Tony and I sit down and discuss how to stay calm when you start to feel like life is too good to be true.

The term that gets thrown around like we are individuals that don’t deserve the feeling of bliss.

That’s bullshit.

I believe heavily in manifesting your own destiny and speaking whatever it is you might want to accomplish into existence.

This works with love too ya’ll.

Why think you are smart enough to be the CEO of that fortune 500 company you’ve worked your ass off to be apart of but not meet the man or woman of your dreams walking into a coffee shop on a Sunday morning?

With positive intentions and a calm spirit, anything is possible.

Now with all of that said, these new emotions are quite scary.

The feeling that you are losing your mind is a good thing, it means you are evolving as an individual and emotional progression of any sort is growth.

Tony and I are here to help you grasp the fact that, that beautiful feeling is yours and you shouldn’t be afraid to explore it.

Yes, there is always the possibility that something negative happening along the way leaving you “alone” with Ben and Jerry.

But hey, Ben and Jerry are amazing men and if you “Love the FUCK out of yourself” before you dive head first into becoming someones other half, you will be JUST FINE! I promise.

Stay calm, don’t clutter your mind with doubt and realize that you deserve these reach for the stars, world series type of feelings.