Bruce Bogtrotter, Quarantine Fatigue Relief and Being the Adult in the Room

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This week’s Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is about how Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake can help you with Quarantine Fatigue.

By now I’m sure even you have been dealing with some sort of “I’m sick of this already!” attitude when it comes to social distancing, isolation or even quarantine from Covid-19, or Coronavirus.

And, there’s good reason because the call for worldwide isolation was never expected and so far out of the norm that, once the initial shock wears off, there can be a lot of psychological stress to deal with…

So, I thought I would try to help by talking about:

  • What are the reasons for quarantine fatigue that might surprise you?
  • What Bruce Bogtrotter, Matilda and Chocolate Cake have to do with it?
  • What are Expanded Social Distancing Pods and why they might not be a good idea?
  • What is a “Political Conundrum” and why is it making things harder to deal with?
  • What is Diminished Marginal Utility and why is it affecting so many?
  • What is Idleness Aversion and why it is making things harder to deal with?
  • What are some very easy solutions, or coping skills to use in dealing with quarantine fatigue?
  • What is and why you need to become a Citizen Scientist?
  • What is “Go Out…But” and why wearing a mask makes you the Adult in the Room?

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Be the Adult in the Room

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