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Tony DufreneIt’s GO TIME, my friend.  To be honest, just the fact that you took action to get to this page is HUGE…big time evidence you are ready to hang out with me and figure some sh*t out.

So, I’ve set this up to make it easy for you.

Once you sign up, I’ll email you back and we’ll setup a time where we can chat over Skype (or an in person option if you are in the Phoenix area).  And, if it is Skype, I’ll send you my contact info in the confirmation email.

Remember, the first chat is about a half an hour, and it’s on the house…no charge, because, if we don’t click during our meet and greet (you never know with personalities), then I don’t want you to be on the hook for the bill.

However, if you’re cool and I’m cool, we’ll setup a schedule for you.  I’ve created this program to make it work for you in just 3 sessions (usually an hour or a little over an hour).  But, if you want to chat some more, we can set that up after session 3….

…Let’s do this!!

Personal Branding Master in 3 1/2 steps

  • ½. Ya gotta be ALL IN!

    No bullshit this time…get yourself fired up to put in the time and energy to making some insane shifts in your life…I find coffee is a great legal stimulant companion to get me ready to rock…but that’s me.

  • 1. Awareness

    The ability to stop time and take a really good look around you and see the forces in your life that are messing with your head.

  • 2. The Learning Process

    This is where your enlightenment happens and where you begin to align your forces to bring out your biggest, baddest, most powerful Self.

  • 3. Action…

    This is where the rubber hits the road…Your journey is NEVER complete until you take what you’ve learned, get off your ass and make things happen in your life…Action separates the ballers from the rest of the pack that are too afraid to live the life they want.

Are you ready?

Use the form below to let me know when you want to get started!  I will get in touch to finalize the details.

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