My Story

The best piece of feedback I ever received from a client was, “Your constant comic relief was very good for someone like me who gets SO emotional in terms of learning about myself. Finding ones true self can be incredibly scary and emotional and you make it light hearted, funny and a big (but gentle) slap in the face.”

Helping people gain that level of clarity and self-confidence is my “crack”…that is why I do what I do, and I LOVE every second of it!

So, if you have been asking yourself some or all of these questions, if you feel a little stalled out in your life while the world seems to be sprinting by you, then I’d Love to team up with you and get you dialed into your kick-ass self. For the record, I’ve got:

– A Ph.D. in Applied Philosophy

– A Masters in Psychology with Counseling training/experience

– I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavioral Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine

– Certified Group Facilitator

When I’m not coaching, you can find my writing, doing my “Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast”, getting in a solid workout, hanging with friends or family while ingesting copious amounts of vino or researching and developing new programs.

And, if for some sick reason, you want to know more, here are three things most people DO NOT know about me…

– I was a submarine Captain at Disneyland for three seasons

– I was an “on-air personality” at a Los Angeles radio station back in the late 80’s

– I’ve created 6 different successful businesses over the years

So, if I still have your attention and you’ve got a little fire stirring in your bathing suit area, then, send me an email and we can do some good work together.

If that’s too big of a step at this point, and you just want to dip your toe in, then I suggest you scroll down a little further and click on the free giveaway I’m offering…as a thank you for your time. Peace out…

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