Best of Walk of Shame – Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number – Part 2

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What’s the big deal if the person you are dating is older or younger than you? What if they are a good deal older or younger? (over 18, of course)

Well, most of the time the issues at the beginning aren’t with the two people (or they wouldn’t have started dating in the first place)…but with friends and family and, hell, even with society regarding socially accepted behavior.

Attraction is a Mental and Spiritual Thing

This show, Lexi and Tony tackle all of the interesting issues that come up when dating someone that is older or younger than you. And, they are not talking about a couple years older or younger, but being in a situation where you start to date someone that is enough older or younger, that people will begin to have a gut reaction to when you tell them the gap.

This show tackles the fact that chronological age has nothing to due with someone’s actual age (actual being how old they come across, how old their soul is, their spirit…and so forth).

However, even though you know that, and your new guy or girl know that, it doesn’t matter to the other people in your life that tend to judge by the number itself and not by the actual overall age of the person.

Let the Judging Begin!

The fact that the two people have found each other, have made that indescribable connection, and have started dating because, to them it doesn’t matter….is hard for “outsiders” to grasp.

Then, inevitably, you have to start fending off the questions and the judgments…all the while starting to question your decision to date that person because the support group around you is not giving it their stamp of approval.

So, this show tries to look at this scenario from both the older persons and younger persons perspective, with an attempt to make sense of how this all works and how it can work for you if you find yourself in this situation.

We both hope that Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number to you in your dating and in your acceptance of others who have found a deep connection with someone that is older or younger than they are.

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