Being Elmo, Making History and the Power of Momentum

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This week’s Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast is all about a dream being realized and being more like Elmo.

It’s about history and how you are, right now, a part of one of the most important times in history.

It’s about how YOU are making history; taking action to shift the momentum away from 400 years of injustice and creating a better world.

It’s about committing to cause of equality and anti-racism and decency and a higher level of humanity…you know, just like Elmo.

This show is my way of expressing my joy and optimism for the future because of the brave and powerful actions being taken to expose racism and the systemic changes needed to be better humans.

In the show I talk about how the voices of reason and equality are starting to drown out the fear-based racism even though the current system is doing everything it can to stop the momentum of change.

I talk about my post from last week and how it was deemed “controversial” by FB and IG because I mentioned the protests and anti-racism and the revolution that is occurring as we speak.

I talk about major shifts that have already happened as a result of the protests…here in the states and all around the world.

I talk about a couple of comments I received on my last show regarding FTP and all cops are bad…and how that type of binary thinking is what we are fighting against.

I explain what “defund the police” really means…and why the former Police Chief of Dallas, Texas agrees.

Lastly, I talk about how important it is to keep the momentum going as the energy of the protests begins to die down…

…Lasting change can only happen with long-term, consistent pressure…

…and I talk about a number of ways you can continue to take action in order to make the changes permanent.

Thank you to all you citizens in other countries who have taken up the cause and protest on behalf of civil rights here and around the world.

With the power of sustained momentum, we will make history.



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