Attraction Scale Nonsense Part 2

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In the Attraction Scale Part 2 episode of the Walk of Shame Radio Podcast, we share with you how to quickly and easily MAXIMIZE YOUR ATTRACTION!

It’s All About Social Value

Tony brings up a study about the “matching hypothesis” that predicts that people will pair up with someone with a similar “social mate value”…which basically has to do with the number someone thinks they are, plus their personality and how they present themselves.

Then Tony and Mariah focus on a specific study about how personality impacts someone’s level of attractiveness.

The study had guys look at pictures of girls and rated their attractiveness.  Then, the researchers added some notes on the bottom of the pictures that indicated a personality trait…some had positive personality stuff like extroverted or happy or stable…and some had negative personality stuff.  And, not so surprisingly…both guys and girls extended their definition of what was attractive based on a picture combined with a positive personality trait.  And, on the negative side, girls were way more critical of attractive guys with crappy personalities than guys looking at girls with bad personality traits…

…which provided a perfect lead in to the Barney Stinson Crazy-Hot Scale.

LEGEN…wait for it…DARY!!

Then Tony brings up a study that had to do with online dating, where a guy picked out 1,000 girls that he found attractive and was told he could contact any one of them he wanted to.  Then a research group judged his attractiveness and the attractiveness of the girls he picked.  And…

…what a surprise, the guy was picking more attractive girls than he was (based on what the research judges thought)…but, out of the girls he decided to contact, only the girls that were judged to be at or below his attractiveness responded to him.

Maximize Your Attraction

But all that being said, Tony really wanted to stress that this whole attraction thing is mostly based on how you feel about yourself and how attractive you think you are…both physical and personality…basically, all you have to bring to the table.

Which leads to the conclusion that you can absolutely make yourself more attractive by opening yourself up and developing a more effective way to socialize and have fun…it all has to do with the vibe you are throwing off about yourself…or, in other words…your CONFIDENCE…

Then, for some reason, Tony angles towards a quick tutorial on how to approach a group of girls and why the dynamic of a group of two, a group of three, and a group of more than three are all different and needs to be handled in completely different ways.  Hint:  Look for groups of 2…

Then, as the show wraps up, Tony brings up “The Bubble” and how attraction actually makes someone seem smarter…and then Tony touches on the “Paradox of Choice” and how that just adds to the ineffectiveness of online dating…


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