Are You in a Controlling Relationship?

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

A Controlling Relationship could me that you have (or want) control or you think your sweetie pie has the control.

Well, if the idea of control is even a “thing” with you when it comes to your relationship (or even in review of past relationships),

then, my friend, this is the show for you.

The bottom line is…just the thought or need of having control is screwing things up. It is setting you up to focus on “power” within a relationship instead

of what you should be focused on, which is being a team and combining your superpowers to take over the world. If there is a thought about who is wearing the pants

in the relationship, then, first, you’ve got to check yourself to make sure you don’t have any self worth issues that may be blurring reality in front of you or that may

be leading to you actually, freely, giving up control to your bestie…more times than not, “control” is a “you” thing, with your perception being screwed up or that you

are letting your honey walk all over you then, after inviting them to floormat you, then you get pissed that they are doing that…uh, that’s messed up.

So, this show Lex and Tony go into “What is Control?” and what it looks like and the signs and the reason why just the thought of control in that situation is a big red flag to yourself to

do some inventory and see if you are going through some sort of internal identity crisis or if you’re with a real gem that NEEDS to control you. Either way, you are doomed and should

immediately unbuckle, step over the old people and children, and parachute safely to freedom!