An Awakening, A Black Light and a Revolution of Change

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Well…it looks like we’ve finally created enough painful leverage to expose the soft, white underbelly of social injustice that has plagued our country for generations…

The Reckoning is Here…and like an ocean tide, it’s coming in whether you like it or not.

The issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and civil rights in general have been around us for our entire lives.

But, the amount of leverage needed for wide systemic change never presented itself…until now…because of…

The Technological / Internet Revolution

Any revolution in human history (agriculture, industrial…) creates a lot of chaos that ultimately results in positive change.

With all of us now being connected, the tide of a global economy, of globalization is upon us.

However, because this is such a massive change, there are a lot of people who are fighting it with everything they have, including fear, hate and racism.

In the show I talk about…

  • My own current awakening to social injustice and the need for systemic changes
  • The fear-based reason Trump got elected and why it makes perfect sense given the Internet Revolution
  • How the current president and his supporter’s resistance to the tide of change led to the leverage we now have to create significant, lasting change in the system
  • How the Revolution is like bringing a black light into a hotel room
  • The powerful comments by General Mattis and how they support the protest and revolution for lasting change
  • The real reason for the president’s church / bible photo op
  • Why I believe we are now at the Gladwell-ian “Tipping Point”

Lastly, I refer to the incredible speech by Killer Mike and provide an easy call to action that will immediately empower you to make positive and lasting change.

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