A Talking Pot, A Smart Kid and Embracing Your Flaws

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In this week’s episode of the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, I share the story of a Talking Pot, A Smart Kid and Embracing Your Flaws.

This is based on a very old fable about a servant girl that has to bring water to her master every morning, and…

…It just so happens the water pots she carries can talk and one of the pots is not happy because he has a crack in him and he constantly leaks water.

So, over a period of time, this pot becomes super bummed out because he feels he’s letting the girl down because he loses half his water by the time she get back to the house.

Once he finds the courage to talk to the girl about his shame, she enlightens him on how important it is to embrace his flaws.

Topics covered in this episode include:

– How a perfect pot perfectly explains why we get upset looking at social media and…

-Why a small perspective shift can completely redefine your life and…

– How to embrace your flaws and immediately feel empowered by you uniqueness

Two questions I ask at the end are:

1. What are your cracks? and…

2. In what way could they be providing value without you even noticing?

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