A Sweaty Frog’s Important Message About GASLIGHTING

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This week’s podcast episode is all about Gaslighting

  • Why you need to know what it is
  • Who does it
  • How it’s done
  • Who it affects
  • What to do if you notice it in your life or in the life of a close friend or family member

If you don’t know anything about it, Gaslighting is one of the worst forms of emotional abuse that one person can do to another.

It’s used by Narcissists to slowly manipulate someone into questioning what they think and believe.

It’s gradually eating away at someone’s confidence, just like that saying about boiling a frog.

If you turn the heat up slowly, he won’t notice until it’s too late.

This technique is very effective at destroying someone emotionally by creating confusion, anxiety and a false reality that gives the gaslighter ultimate power over their victim’s life.

This is a big topic right now because here in the U.S., the entire country is being gaslighted.

And yet, there are still millions of people who don’t see it happening and how much damage it is doing.

So, I figured this show is a good opportunity to explain everything about Gaslighting.

And more importantly, what to look out for if you suspect a gaslighter is trying to manipulate you or someone you care for.

Lastly, I provide a number of resources and options to help a person break free of a Gaslighter in their life including:

The Domestic Violence Hotline

Resource list posted by positivepsychology.com

As far as the country is concerned, it’s pretty simple, we just have to VOTE!

Questions and/or comments: tony@javabud.com

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