A Story About The Dentist, The Hoover Dam and A Life Changed Overnight

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This week I share a very personal story about what just happened to me while I was away on a small spring break trip to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam.

It’s a story about my daughter…about her going to dentist because of some bleeding gum issues that led to her getting some blood work done…

…to her getting an urgent call from her doctor

…to me getting an urgent call while standing in the middle of the Hoover Dam

…to her life changed overnight.

The main points of the story I really want to share with you are…

1. You’ll NEVER be ready for all the stuff that can happen to you

2. The HUGE difference between focusing on “What is” versus “What if”

3. The Benefits that come from having a crappy life twist

I would love to hear from you…about a challenging personal journey in your life or about any questions you may have about figuring your shizz out… hit me up at tony@javabud.com or head over to javabud.com


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  1. Hey! I listened to this pos on my way in today. A good byproduct of your last bullet point is resilience building opportunity that comes with the unforeseen events. Great pod Tony D

  2. Hi Tony,
    Really great podcast, with great lessons. I know Rachel thru Val Weaver Dance Studio & dancing with your mom, Judy. She is a very special young lady and I know she will defeat this AML. You are in my thoughts & prayers for a speedy recovery. Peggy Steggell

    1. Post

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