A Story About How One Push Up Can Change Your Life

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This week’s episode of the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast is about how one perfect push up can explain a lot about the journey to success.

It all comes from a story about being young and having that training goal of getting bigger and stronger, and being able to do more push ups than anyone else.

But, because I was so full of juice and didn’t focus on the process of doing a quality push up, I ended up hitting a plateau and hurting myself.

So, I decided to get a trainer and he showed me the proper way to do a perfect push up, but if I did them that way, I wouldn’t be able to do as many push ups.

So, my Ego said, “no thanks”, and I went back to the wrong method, which led to another plateau and to incomplete muscle development.

As I got older, I decided to become a personal trainer myself, thinking that this would surely get me to do a proper push up.

Nope…I still just heard what I wanted to her from my instructor and kept on focusing on being bigger and stronger by the only way possible, which was to do as many as I can.

It wasn’t until I finally surrendered and then realized, my focus on the prize was the one big mistake I was making.

I was constantly hitting a plateau and getting hurt because I wasn’t focusing on the one thing that would guarantee success…

….I needed to focus on the PROCESS…

…What is the NEXT STEP?

Once I made that shift, everything changed…

More growth, less injury and much less frustration.

This process with the push up is the EXACT same process with any other aspect in life…

…it’s about focusing on the process…diving into the NOW of your journey…focusing on getting through that next step, then the next…

By focusing most of the energy on the goal, I didn’t give enough attention to what was important to get to the goal…

…The Next Step.

Your call to action: How much have you been focusing on your next step?

Do you even know what it is?

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Make it happen…

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