A Story About Crabs, Asking Permission and Doing Your Thing

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This week’s show is all about how we mistakenly seek out permission to make big changes in our life and how crabs can teach us a lot about breaking free and doing our own thing.

Some stuff I talk about:

  • How Red in the Shawshank Redemption perfectly shows how we become programmed to ask permission instead of just doing our own thing
  • Why you make decisions now that are based on your childhood and how it’s keeping you from growing and doing the things your want to do with your life
  • How the most successful people in the world bust through their own obstacles and continue to do great things
  • How some of your closest current tribe members react the same way as caught crabs in a bucket when you finally decide to start on a new life direction
  • The one thing you can do that will immediately put you into the 5% of people that are very successful
  • How to break your automatic behavior patterns in order to grow and create the life you want
  • Why you definitely want to take the harder road
  • Once again…the power of the single small step of ACTION

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