A Story About A Prince, A Poet and Your Happiness

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This week’s Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast is all about exposing how the pursuit of happiness can lead to a lot of sadness.

The story I share is about a popular prince from long ago that shared a little secret about his own happiness.

It is also about a poet that provided great insight into happiness with one little poem.

It’s also about the Happiness Industry that is constantly trying to sell us that happiness should be our ultimate goal in life.

Problem is, having that goal will lead to frustration, sadness, depression and an overall bummer of a life.

The stories I share shed light on a number of interesting points, including:

  • The more success you have, the more you raise the bar to feel happy
  • How happiness doesn’t even really exist outside a random thought in your mind
  • How happiness can be properly used in your life to make you want to get up the next morning and continue to CRUSH IT!
  • How Messy Success is the BEST Success
  • How and Why Fulfillment should be your best buddy

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