A Runaway Trolley, The Good Place and Standing Up for Morality

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This week’s podcast episode is about morality … about making good decisions … about being a good person … a good teammate with all us other humans while facing a global crisis.

To illustrate the ridiculous lack of thought that is coming from our current leadership, I introduce an oldie but goody morality test called …

The Trolley Problem

…and, how this story should lead anyone to an obvious conclusion when it comes to how to handle the Coronavirus crisis as well as other difficult decisions you may have to make in your life.

In illustrating my point, I talk about how the creator of the amazing show, The Good Place, recently referring to how the Trolley Problem was portrayed on the show and how it’s a perfect metaphor for what’s happening right now.

It also goes one step further by comparing the moronic idea to open up the economy quickly for the sake of ego and re-election to the bad demon Michael’s way of taking out everyone and everything with the trolley.

I end the show with a call to action for you to consider your own moral compass and how you can be more consistent in your actions based on your moral and ethical choices…

…and to only listen to the medical experts advice when it comes to being a team player during this current crisis.

My contribution to isolation/distancing is to give away the .pdf version of my book for free … just email me tony@javabud.com and I’ll send it to you.

I only ask that you let me know your thoughts on the book or if you have any questions about it.

Other podcasts / videos : www.javabud.com

Stay safe and be good to one another!

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