A Good Actress , A Bad Break and the Power of Expectations

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This week’s podcast episode is a story about the power of expectations to either fuel your success or crush your dreams.

My in-studio guest, Rachel, was a musical theater actress that was successful but still felt lost.

Then, tragedy struck and she was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Over the next year, her life completely changed.

Thankfully she battled the deadly disease and is now cancer free !

But, the fight wasn’t over…even though she felt better physically, she was anxious and depressed.

Because her EXPECTATIONS were now that she feels better, everything should go back to “normal” … back to HOW IT WAS.

And there’s the problem and here is the entire point of the show.

Your life is constantly in flux … constantly changing…and

After a HUGE life-changing event, you could wake up in a completely different life.

Because … most of us BRING ARE OLD EXPECTATIONS with us that we had of ourselves and our lives before the big life changing event.

THEY DON’T FIT …those expectations were based on a different version of life, not the new one that you are now in.

And that’s why the depression and anxiety and stress are around.

And even though you may not have recently gone through a major life changing event, you may still be seeing life through an old, outdated lens that is keeping you from further growth and success.


It’s a new game … why are you playing with the old rules?

In the show Rachel shares a story about her expectations of being able to jump right back into acting and singing after her cancer recovery…

…and how she battled depression and anxiety before realizing she had to modify her expectations to her new life.

Other topics on the show include:

  • How you can inspire people by just being yourself
  • How to create new rules for your new life that will lead you to success instead of anxiety and depression
  • Finding the lessons in tragedy
  • What is a Nodal Event and how it changes everything
  • How to recover from an Existential Crisis
  • What happens to your tribe through a life changing event
  • and more

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