A Box of Legos and the Art of Starting Over

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This week’s episode is how a box of Legos taught me the art of starting over.

This episode wasn’t supposed to be…I did another completely different show on being the adult in the room.

However, after finishing the whole show I realized it was terrible, but I was too disappointed in myself to just trash it and start over…until…

…I remembered when I was young and how I built this huge Lego fort. But as I was just about to finish, I realized I built it wrong…and without blinking…

…I demolished my fort…down to the foundation…and didn’t care.

It was the realization that my 7 year old self didn’t overthink things and was true to himself and listened to his true self and took action and started over.

I know as adults we have life issues that could be considered a lot more important than building a Lego fort. But in the long run that really doesn’t matter, because…

…If you don’t feel good or right or true about where you are in your life or about certain people or situations in your life, then the only way to get back on track is to start taking that Lego fort apart and begin to build it back with…

…A better representation of your life’s vision
…A more solid foundation
…A confidence that YOU are steering your own life in the direction you choose.

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