A Blurry Wedding, 240 Minutes a Day and Secrets of the Rich

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This week’s podcast episode is all about how to use your time for maximum success and fulfillment.

In the show, I talk about a study of rich people and what they do differently everyday that creates success.

Based on this study, there are about 240 minutes a day (4 hours) where the rich do things differently that result in their success…

…and how you can shape this advice into your own plan for success and fulfillment.

Talking point in the show include:

  • The importance of routine and habits
  • What to spend your time on everyday to insure more success
  • What is the biggest time drain of your day and how to change it
  • The most important thing to consider when creating a success plan
  • How being a wedding DJ taught me a lot about the importance of time-awareness
  • How to schedule your day out for maximum success and balance

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